Spa Manicure
60 minutes $45-
Everything in a classic manicure plus that little extra to pamper you. Enjoy a finger, hand and lower arm massage as well as a choice of 1 of 3 luxurious hydrating lotions to seal in moisture. Finish with your choice of Dazzle Dry Polish (a base coat,  2 coats of color polish and finished with a clear top coat), and a high gloss shine. Your hands will be so happy!

Classic Manicure
45 minutes $25-
Just for Men - Nails are shaped and cuticles are softened and pushed back. The service is finished with nail buffing or a matte finish coat for a low luster quality.

French Tip $6.00
Polish Only $15.00
Nail Repair $10.00


Classic Mini-Pedicure
30 minutes $48-
This service begins with each foot and lower leg being sanitized and any polish being removed. The Nails are then shaped, the cuticles are softened, and the service is finished with a nail buffing for a high gloss shine.  Great for people on the go!

Spa Pedicure
75 minutes $60-
It contains everything in the classic pedicure and so much more; to pamper you. 
Extra callus work is preformed as the soles of the feet are buffed to a smooth texture.
We then exfoliate with a Footlogix seaweed scrub (imported organic micro algae optimally blended with essential oils and polished pumice).
Afterwards, we use a Hawaiin Kakui Nut oil, on the feet and lower legs during a relaxing foot and lower leg massage.  We finish with Dazzle Dry polish or a nail buffing for a high gloss shine. Your feet are sure to thank you!

Just for Men
45 minutes $50-
We provide expert skin, nail, and, foot care with with fresh masculine aromas and a gentle foot & leg massage. The nails are clipped and buffed, and cuticles are refined. The nail beds are also thoroughly cleaned.

Rescue Pedicure
90 minutes  $70-
Our Rescue Pedicure is a classic pedicure with extra care and extra horsepower. This extended basic pedicure is intended for those who have very thick difficult to manage nails, are rough on their feet and/or may require above average maintenance on calluses. This service also works to address funguses as well as split or damaged nails. Your nail technician will use discretion for a new client with hard to manage nails and calluses until a routine can be established for a more streamline or luxurious pedicure (An electric file is used, during this service, to treat extra tough unwanted calluses, etc.).

Nanoflex Nail Restoration
-25+ Minutes per 3 toes
Helps remodel nails damaged from:
Fungus, Defects, Psoriasis, Trauma, etc.
Painless application of safe medical-grade composite resin creates flexible, natural feeling of a durable nail.
Nanoflex is unaffected by acetone, nail polish or detergents.
You will notice an immediate cosmetic improvement.
$50 - Per Great Toe
$20 - Per Small Toe
French tip $6.00
Polish Only $15.00
Callus buffing $10.00



Classic Facial 
60 minutes $75-

The classic facial is designed to expedite your skincare trip and have you leaving
with extra clean & healthy skin! Your skin will be the proper PH and sunscreen is applied, afterwards, for extra protection. 

Custom Facial 
75 Minutes $85-

Pamper yourself during this customized treatment - designed to improve
the appearance of fine lines and address various issues such as; sensitivity, clogged pores,
oiliness, dryness, etc. A gentle pumpkin scrub will be used to exfoliate the face. At the end of the service, we
open the sinuses with finally tuned acupressure pulse points. Great for
seasoned skin and younger skin alike! 

Back Facial
75 Minutes $65-

The back is the focus of this relaxing service. It includes a cleansing scrub, an
application of warm towels, with the skin massage portion of the service, and a specialty mask. The mask is applied to the entire back; from the waist to the base of the neck and over the shoulders. Extractions are also
preformed as needed. The service ends with a hydrating or toxin
reducing mask, followed by a moisture application over the entirety of the back. 

Flip-Flop Facial
120 Minutes $135-

The flip flop facial brings together the best of the back facial and the luxury facial; with
2 hours of lasting bliss. The arms and hands are also massaged; during the service. Your skin will breath and feel
healthy and silky smooth. 

The Touché Facial
75 Minutes $75-

An hour of Special Attention for men with facial hair. This facial begins with cleansing
and a steaming session to lift and remove pollutants on the skin followed by exfoliation with a
botanical scrub and extractions as needed. A massage is added for a healthy glow as well as a hydrating cool cucumber mask to calm the skin. The facial concludes with a hand and arm massage to ease you into deep relaxation.

Other Services:
Brow Wax $15.00 - 15 min
Lip Wax $10.00 - 15 min
Chin Wax $15.00 - 20 min
Full Face Wax $35.00 - 30+ min