The goal of VOM is to treat the Vertebral Subluxation Complex(VSC).  This is a functional defect of a joint which causes neurologic signs, or pain, that might or might not show up on an x-ray.  The effects of VSC can include mobility problems, muscle spasm, neurologic defect and inflammation.

Disease related to the spinal cord have traditionally been treated with a combination of surgery and medication.  Through the use of VOM, we now have another treatment modality to treat the spinal cord, thus helping all the organs in the body.   VOM is a non-invasive and non-painful way to dramatically minimize the effects of spinal cord dysfunction.  In most cases the improvement is so significant that we can diminish the use of medication, sometimes even stopping them altogether!

In VOM, we counteract nerve dysfunction by “re-setting” the joint with a gentle and painless force. We are counteracting all the negative forces that have built up on the spinal canal and its nerve roots over a period of time.  The nerves in the area can begin acting normally again, which increases blood flow to internal organs, correcting many diseases.

Some of the diseases that are responsive to VOM therapy include:

  • Acute and Progressive lameness
  • Arthritic Conditions
  • Seizures
  • Hip-Dysplasia
  • Disc Disease
  • Progressive myolopathies (“down in the rears” dogs)
  • Urinary and Fecal Incontinence
  • Limb pathology, especially knee problems
  • Wobbler’s Disease
  • Digestive disorders
  • Performance problems
  • Behavioral problems
  • Endocrine problems

The nature of the technique allows us to detect disease states before clinical symptoms appear, allowing us to initiate treatment before your pet exhibits clinical signs of disease.  This means that we now have at our disposal a tool to determine if your pet is starting to get a disease to become entrenched, and thus is not as easily treated.  When treated at this early stage the disease process can be minimized, and sometimes even eliminated.  In actuality, VOM is a form of preventive medicine. 


Echo is a seven-year-old standard poodle who had been troubled with knee problems for most of her life.  At one point, about four years ago, she even had to rely on a doggie-wheelchair.  After two surgeries, she was able to walk again, but in was often with great difficulty.

I knew how much she missed being able to run and play fetch, but I had no idea how to help her.  While seeing Dr. Karen for my own health issues, I discovered she also treated dogs.  Wanting to do everything possible for Echo, I made an appointment for her.  After just a few visits, Echo was doing so much better.  I didn’t even realize how improved she actually was until we were visited by a friend who had not seen Echo in almost a year.  She asked if this were a different dog!!  Our friend couldn’t believe the change in Echo’s activity level and agility.

She said, ‘the last time I saw Echo, I would have thought she was at death’s door.  This is an entirely different dog!’ She is right.  I cannot begin to tell how much better Echo is doing.  I would highly recommend Dr. Karen and Island Healing.”
- Anna LeRoux and Echo